Perfect run. Perfect food. Perfect day!

This was the weather in Melbourne today…

Melb weather 2015.04.26

Perfect weather for a run!*

*As the Scandinavians say, “there is no such thing as bad weather… Only inappropriate clothing”.

Chugged along and did about 7km. Aside from the baby girl tap dancing on my bladder at the start (we’re 27+2 weeks along today), it was a near perfect run – everything felt good and my body didn’t threaten to come apart at the seams. Well done old girl.

During my post-run hot shower (oh so good), I dreamed up a pikelet recipe^.

^What is the difference between a pancake and a pikelet I hear you say? (Well maybe you don’t, but I’ve never quite understood). Accordingly to questionable sources on the internet, compared with a pancake a pikelet is smaller, thicker, heavier, and can be served throughout the day with a variety of toppings (both sweet and savoury). A pancake on the other hand is usually larger, flatter, lighter, and traditionally served for breakfast.

THERE’S some useless information you didn’t know you needed to know.

Ricotta Coconut Chia Pikelets

I know. Your mouth is already watering.

1 cup coconut flour
1.5 Tbsp chia seeds, ground
1 tsp bicarb soda
Pinch of salt
250g ricotta
3 eggs
30g melted butter (or other oil equivalent)
2 cups milk (I used coconut-almond)
1 cup water

(Highly complex): Mix. Fry. Eat.
We fried in butter. Because there ain’t no better thing.
Flip when bubbles appear/ they don’t wobble when you give frypan a shake.
Experiment with delicious toppings.

We ate ours both with:
1. Butter and maple syrup, and
2. Fresh cream and strawberries.
It was hard to say which was tastier; I would have to rate them equally as ‘superbly delicious’.


With strawberries and cream. In the 2 milliseconds from completion to…


Yeah, sorry, couldn’t hold off for long.

We would have tried other combos but we’re only coming out of our coma now.

Will refrigerate the rest to eat as snacks with butter / peanut butter / whatever takes my fancy.

Nutritional Content

Was able to make ~ 30 pikelets with the above recipe, so per pikelet:

CHO 2.5g (0.3g sugar)
PRO 2.5g
FAT 3.5g

(Exclusive of toppings of course!)

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