“Must Have” Nappy Changing Bag

Sorry, I just have to share. The world of baby products is mind-boggling (even if you’re just looking at the essentials) but this bag promo is truly awesome.

It is for a leather nappy bag, and I quote:

“…an affair of the heart, in sumptuous leather, no-one will know it is really a baby bag in disguise…”
(But surely your postpartum body and screaming child would offer some hints?)

“… breathe in the unmistakable aroma of leather”
(We can only pray this will overpower the unmistakable aroma of your baby’s explosive bowel opening.)

“… you will be seduced by this decadent baby changing bag…”
(Er, no… I was seduced by my husband, and look where THAT ended up… Hold on, baby changing bag… I get to swap for the latest model? To a more ‘decadent’ model? I’m confused…)

“… imagine this is your passport to enchanting romantic weekends getaways, drinking espressos in sun soaked artisan cafes…”
(I suspect the copywriter is a tad low on Risperidone* stock.)

Oh, and I forgot to mention, it costs >AUD 500.

Needless to say, I didn’t buy it.

* Risperidone = anti-psychotic medication

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