Running @ 6.5 months pregnancy

It’s official… my body is falling apart.

Went for a 6km run today. Honestly didn’t feel like it. But I’d cracked open my first chocolate Easter bunny. And the baby wouldn’t let me stop… 🙁

easter bunny

I don’t know what hurt the most:

  • My hand – have some weird nerve compression going on, left hand is sore, weak and numb, no definite nerve distribution…
  • My back and legs – have sciatica both sides, each time I stride out I get shooting pain down the back of my legs, so joyous
  • My face – have some sinusitis following a recent upper respiratory tract infection, bending over to tie shoelaces is a bitch
  • My pelvis – loosened ligaments from the pregnancy hormone relaxin

I know… “have you stopped complaining yet?”

The positives?

  • Even at 6.5 months pregnancy, my gut was still smaller than most of the men on the running track (I HAVE A BABY, WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE?)

Oh right… THAT’S your excuse…


  • I provided entertainment for the truckloads of Asian* tourists who stopped and pointed at my belly “WAH” and took photos (“Only my good side please, otherwise I look fat”) 😉

* I am not being racist by just saying “Asian” and thereby implying that they are all the same… there were all sorts… HongKongers in their pseudo-workout-casual-gear, Mainland Chinese in their suits and crew cuts, Thai with a plethora of umbrellas (for sun, not rain)… Besides which, I’m Eurasian, which officially makes me immune from being accused of Asian racism.

Actually apart from the Asians there was a group of Americans who screamed fried chicken.

And speaking of chicken some inconsiderate fool was BBQ-ing near the running track. He is lucky I didn’t run over and swipe his food. All of it.

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