JAMA Study – No Link Between Vaccination and Autism, Even in High-Risk Children

Anti-vaccers take note. Nearly 100,000 kids enrolled in a large US health plan were followed from birth to at least 5 years of age. Overall, 1% of the children were diagnosed with ASD* during follow-up. Children who received the MMR^ vaccine were no more likely to be diagnosed with ASD than unvaccinated children — a …

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Perfect run. Perfect food. Perfect day!

This was the weather in Melbourne today… Perfect weather for a run!* *As the Scandinavians say, “there is no such thing as bad weather… Only inappropriate clothing”. Chugged along and did about 7km. Aside from the baby girl tap dancing on my bladder at the start (we’re 27+2 weeks along today), it was a near …

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Study – Intense exercise doesn’t eliminate hazards of sedentary lifestyle

Do you sit all day at your desk job yet comfort yourself with the fact that “you’re healthy” because you do your 1-hour of high intensity training every day? Sadly, a recent study in Annals of Internal Medicine has shown that the health hazards of sedentary behavior aren’t completely neutralised by exercise. The researchers examined …

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Glucose tolerance test @ 27 weeks pregnancy

I am sitting in the waiting room for my fasting oral glucose tolerance test. Seriously which fool thought up a lab test that requires pregnant women to fast. (Probably the same fool who thought to screen for breast cancer by using a painful boob clamp… They’d soon change their tune if testicular cancer was diagnosed …

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WHO: C-Sections Should Be Performed Only When Medically Indicated

The World Health Organisation issued a statement last week: “… that Caesarean sections can reduce maternal and neonatal mortality, but only when they are medically indicated.” Duh, no kidding. This is on the back of a previous recommendation dating back to 1985 that “Caesarean section rates of 10-15% are considered ‘ideal’ by international health experts”. …

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“Must Have” Nappy Changing Bag

Sorry, I just have to share. The world of baby products is mind-boggling (even if you’re just looking at the essentials) but this bag promo is truly awesome. It is for a leather nappy bag, and I quote: “…an affair of the heart, in sumptuous leather, no-one will know it is really a baby bag …

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Study – Umbilical cord milking & neonatal outcomes

For many years now, the standard care during the delivery of the placenta has been to clamp the cord immediately at birth and just follow the regular umbilical cord care tips. There are increasing amounts of literature supporting delayed cord clamping as a method for improving neonatal outcomes. This delay can be anywhere from: Delayed …

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Running @ 6.5 months pregnancy

It’s official… my body is falling apart. Went for a 6km run today. Honestly didn’t feel like it. But I’d cracked open my first chocolate Easter bunny. And the baby wouldn’t let me stop… 🙁 I don’t know what hurt the most: My hand – have some weird nerve compression going on, left hand is …

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