Workouts @ 23 weeks pregnancy

Quick post, about quick workouts:

Day before yesterday:
Tabata 6 rounds
– 20kg thrusters
– Decline push ups (I am open to any other push up-related options that prevent my belly from hitting the ground! Suggestions?)
– (Very lame) pull ups
– Walking lunges 20kg
– Burpees (so far going ok, as long as when I jump from plank to squat my feet are waaaay wide)

BodyPump class
Overall OK… Except during back track the belly gets in the way of rows and C&P a bit…

5km run

All in all, I am WAY behind where I was the same week in pregnancy #1.

This time last pregnancy I was:
Doing the Spit-Manly Run
Doing CrossFit workouts
Trail run at Bobbin Head
… and most importantly, watching Top Gun on the big screen 🙂

Definitely not feeling as strong, and definitely not moving as fast. Sigh… I’ll keep at it!

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