Paracetamol and Ibuprofen for Fever in Children

It seems nothing freaks parents out as much as when their kids have fever (apart from that weirdo who lurks at the local playground of course) Definition of Fever Bodies (and their temperatures) vary therefore there is no single value that is defined as fever – some generally accepted values: Rectal temperature above 100.4ºF (38ºC) …

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External Sources of Breastmilk

In modern times, breastfeeding (BF) is seen as something that a mother does for her own child. Historically however, other women have replaced mum as a provider of breastmilk (BM) in times of need (eg. mother absent, temporarily unable to feed, etc.). This can be via various means: 1. Wet nursing Breastfeeding by someone other …

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Workouts @ 23 weeks pregnancy

Quick post, about quick workouts: Day before yesterday: Tabata 6 rounds – 20kg thrusters – Decline push ups (I am open to any other push up-related options that prevent my belly from hitting the ground! Suggestions?) – (Very lame) pull ups – Walking lunges 20kg – Burpees (so far going ok, as long as when …

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Cochrane review – Methods of milk expression for lactating women

The peeps at Cochrane have just released an updated review looking at the optimal methods of milk expression for lactating women. This updated review includes “34 randomised controlled studies involving 1998 participants, with 17 trials involving 961 participants providing data for analysis. Studies included the mothers of infants in neonatal units in the USA, UK, …

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Study – Post-partum pelvic floor exercises not useful for pelvic organ prolapse

I previously posted on the utility of pelvic floor exercises in preventing urinary incontinence… a topic repeatedly mentioned by your doctor/ midwife/ physio in a lame attempt to distract you from the reality of blood, gore and pain of delivery. (Hypnobirthers are reading this and have thrown their (zen) arms up in (gentle) despair… I …

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20 week scan… and a protective father

So we had our 20 week scan – all looking good. Indeed it was marred only by my husband being weirded out when the radiologist said “vagina”. “That’s my daughter he’s talking about.” I sense trouble ahead…


Is the EPI-NO useful?

I’ve had a few queries about the efficacy of perineal trainers (specifically the EPI-NO) in reducing birth trauma to your lady bits. This post ain’t for you if: You’re squeamish about medical stuff; If the thought of someone pushing out a watermelon through an opening the size of a lemon freaks you out; If you’re …

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