HK Trails & Amah Rock

Most people think of the CITY city when they think of HK, but it has a lot of hills and greenery too – perfect for trail running.

In an attempt to make the hills more accessible, some time ago a lot of trails were laid with stone steps. Bad if you want dirt trails… Good if you love stair climbing.



More stairs.

More stairs.


Thankfully some bits left un-staired.


Leading you to places like this…

My folks’ place is right near Lion Rock Country Park, if you take the trail up from there, you come to Amah Rock…


Amah Rock from ground level.


Amah Rock after you slog your way up the hill.

The rock looks like a woman with a baby on her back – here’s a picture from a better angle:


Amah Rock circa 1975 (Wikimedia)

Check out the development happening in the background! (And the comparatively clear skies.)

Legend has it that the faithful wife of a fisherman climbed the hills every day, carrying their son, to wait for her husband’s return. Unbeknownst to her, he had unfortunately drowned at sea. To reward her for her patience and loyalty, the Goddess of the Sea turned her to stone so that her spirit could unite with that of her husband.

(I dunnoe about being turned to stone as a reward – the Gods could have gotten her a nice zippy car or a years’ supply of nice wine or┬ásomething…)


View from Amah Rock showing HK-style-shoebox housing.

This recent picture I took shows HK housing… as well as a mother-in-law in the foreground bitchin’ on the phone about her incompetent daughter-in-law… A serious HK occupation…!).


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