Study – Risk of peanut allergy reduced with early peanut introduction

Peanut allergy… The general advice has been to avoid peanuts (especially at an early age) if you have any chance of being allergic (eg. Have allergies to other food stuffs, have other allergic conditions like eczema, have a family history of allergy, etc). I remember during my first pregnancy I would get comments like “Oh you …

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Effects of foetal sex on maternal physiology

I queried (lamented really) in a previous post whether your unborn baby’s sex affects your strength/ fitness (I was much stronger in my previous pregnancy (boy) than my current one (girl) and wasn’t sure if this was due to the foetal sex, or other factors – sleep deprivation, less time devoted to training, etc). Turns …

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Baby Shower High Tea

I have apparently been invited to a Baby Shower High Tea at [insert the name of one of Melbourne’s premium hotels]. Joy. For the bargain price of $79 you get food, lovely surroundings and a guarantee to maybe win prizes from the sponsors.  I don’t care, I’m thinking… get to the food bit… I need …

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Study – Financial Incentives Motivate Pregnant Smokers to Stop Smoking

A recent study in the BMJ found that pregnant women are more likely to quit smoking if they receive shopping vouchers. Mmm hmmm. Specifically, if Group A includes pregnant women offered routine smoking cessation counselling, and Group B includes pregnant women offered routine smoking cessation counselling AND up to £400 (AUD 800) of shopping vouchers*, …

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Workout @ 17 weeks pregnancy

OK, I’ve been WAY more lax with workouts in this pregnancy than with the first. Probably because there is now the added factor of ‘toddler’. In fact, if only you could see into the future when you’re pregnant with your first child, you wouldn’t complain about a thing: Your time is your own. Not owned …

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Birth Spacing… (Oh Yeah, We’re Pregnant Again.)

Yes, you read correctly, baby #2 is on the way… I have to say “baby #2”, rather than just “#2” because otherwise I keep having “WHO DOES NUMBER 2 WORK FOR?” on repeat in my brain. Sigh. So our boy was born Aug 2013, and baby #2 is due late July 2015. Yep, your maths …

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HK Trails & Amah Rock

Most people think of the CITY city when they think of HK, but it has a lot of hills and greenery too – perfect for trail running. In an attempt to make the hills more accessible, some time ago a lot of trails were laid with stone steps. Bad if you want dirt trails… Good …

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How your C-section affects your baby’s immune system

Yeah, people don’t talk about this topic much. Whether to C-section or not is such a polarising topic (along with breast-feeding, introducing solids, smacking, and whether it’s OK as a parent to drug yourself with Valium on a long-haul flight so that you sleep for the whole flight while your five kids run riot.)  OK, that last …

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Toddler Foods are High in Sugar & Salt

I found this article quite relevant based on recent experiences on a trip to the Motherland… In Australia, where we live, parents are often well-informed (sometimes obsessively so!) about the nutritional content of kiddie food. Most parents I know don’t stuff their children full of sugar/ salt/ additives, preferring them to eat au naturel as …

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Binge-Eating Disorder: Diagnosis & Drug

This disorder was first described in 1959 however was only added as a diagnostic entity to DSM-IV in 2013. It is defined by recurrent episodes of binge eating at least 2 days a week for at least 6 months. In addition, there is a subjective sense of a loss of control over binge eating, which …

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