“Strength Training During Pregnancy”. Apparently.

OK, I originally started this blog because I was quite dissatisfied (read: pissed off) with the available information out there regarding exercise in pregnancy. It was both a lack and inaccuracy of good information. Over the past two years I thought the evidence was getting a bit better, with less focus on ‘taking it easy when …

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Measles and Disneyland

A measles outbreak linked to California’s Disneyland has infected at least 26 people in a total of four states, some of whom have been hospitalised. Of the 16 with known vaccination status, 12 were unvaccinated. Definitely solid evidence supporting my decision to: 1. Vaccinate my kid, and 2. Avoid Disneyland 🙂


Supermodel Health & Beauty Tips

Yeah. Don’t worry I’m not referring to myself. Recently read a magazine article interviewing a famous supermodel about her health and beauty tips. You might want to take these on board and YOU TOO can live and workout like a supermodel: “Exercise helps me relieve stress.” “After exercise I feel amazing even though I’m sweaty.” …

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Toddler “Essentials”

OK. So the kid is nearly 18 months (and thank goodness approaching an age when we can stop counting in months)… For some reason I find that insanely annoying. We’ve pretty much stuffed him into all existing clothing and shoes but unfortunately we’ve reached a point that if we don’t buy him some new stuff, he …

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Medical TV Talk Shows… Evidence-based or not?

It seems not. A recent study in the BMJ looked at whether there was medical evidence for the recommendations given on the Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors. They randomly selected 40 episodes each of The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors that aired during the first half of 2013 and found that >900 recommendations …

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What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Mine: not to make any. Anecdotal evidence (watching my mates) has shown that no-one keeps them so I figure why bother (and indeed, why only wait for New Year to make changes in your life?). In a search for evidence to support my theory, I found this US study which followed 200 peeps and their New …

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