Study – housework aids sleep during menopause

So I’m going through my old post drafts, and find this hilarious (undoubtedly male-designed) study. Researchers love talking about housework it seems – see an earlier post with tips for doing your housework)…

This study looked at the impact of housework on the quality and quantity of sleep in menopausal women in the States, and found that:

  • Participants with┬ámore leisure-time physical activity reported better-quality sleep (OK, that makes sense…);
  • White women (but not black women) had better sleep quality the more housework they did (whiskey tango foxtrot).

My conclusions:

  • Good luck to any healthcare professional who has to tell a menopausal woman to her face (or any woman for that matter) that she should do more housework… Hope you like being punched in the face;
  • Being Eurasian and all, I don’t strictly fit into either of the above categories, so probably safest I stay away from housework altogether.

If anyone can offer an explanation for the whole black vs white thing, I’d love to hear it.

Lambiase MJ and Thurston RC. Housework as a Sleep Aid During the Menopausal Transition? Menopause 2013 Sep 20:946.

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