Salmon & Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Those of you who know me are laughing already. “Natalie? Posting a recipe?”. A major apocalyptic event.

Your second thought will be “Which poor soul has to eat it?”. WELL THAT IS WHAT MARRIAGE IS FOR.

OK, before you go “Ew, brussels sprouts” give me the benefit of the doubt and check out this LCHF recipe.

salmon&sprouts - brussels sprouts (2)

So sad. So true.

What you need (what I used)

Salmon, skin on (3 pieces/ fillets/ portions/ steaks – whatever you call pieces of salmon)
Brussels sprouts (500g frozen*)
Butter (the proper stuff. Not the stuff Fabio used to sell)§
Bacon (free range middle)

* Don’t be freaking out about the whole frozen veg thing. There are plenty of studies that show that frozen is not only OK, it may be better for you than ‘fresh’, at least supermarket-fresh. (Growing-your-own fresh and farmer’s-market-fresh are a different matter).

§ I was going to put a pic here of Fabio but after careful consideration, I think he is worthy of a separate blog entry

What you do

1. Dice bacon and fry in butter until crispy. OH YEAH BABY, you heard me right 🙂 Put to one side.
2. Fry salmon on low heat skin down. When cooked 3/4 way through, flip and cook through. (This bit up to you, I know some people like fish not cooked through but I prefer my seafood without a hearty side of pathogens).
3. Boil brussels sprouts for 3 min. Drain. Cool a bit. Slice in half lengthways.
4. Fry brussels sprouts in butter, add bacon.
5. Serve (I’m sure you can do better than me. I am the most unartistic person you’ll ever meet. I presented the salmon on the bed of brussels sprouts and gave myself a gold star).
6. Scoff.

I took step 6 very seriously. So seriously in fact that I forgot to take a pic!! Aeiya…

So here is where I re-create one.

salmon & sprouts pic

The realism is astounding.

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