Fabio. The most fabulous man in the cosmos.

In my previous post about my ‘Salmon & Brussels Sprouts Recipe‘, I made reference to Fabio.

My only memories of Fabio are the whole “I can’t believe it’s not butter” business.

fabio butter

I really believe that he can’t believe it’s not butter.

BUT unbeknownst to me, here had a whole plethora of advertising gigs going on, check them out:

fabio phone

Fabio Fone. Call me… Wait… Don’t.

fabio anti smoking

Smoking cessation counselling¬†“The Nicorette isn’t working for you? I guess we’ll have to try the Fabio then.”

fabio hazmat

HAZMAT. Fabio-style.

fabio fitness

I think you should keep them secret. Along with the name of your stylist.

fabio old spice

The first of his Old Spice ads. Who in marketing OK’d the placement of that straw?

fabio fiji

OK I get the whole tropical theme… Even the ukulele. But being buried in the sand? WTF?

fabio bath

The last one in the Old Spice series. I have no words.

fabio telescope

What the hell is this?! A hairdryer disguised as a telescope? He confused ‘eye’ and ‘ear’ in the instruction manual? Shameless triceps flex? I just don’t know…

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