Low-carb day 2

Soooo, I’m soldiering on with this low-carb business… But feeling worse and worse… “Never fear” I tell myself. “I am breaking my unhealthy addiction to carbs”. (Apparently) I deteriorate. Without going into too much detail – nausea, dizziness, extreme fatigue, chills/ rigors and things coming out of places they ain’t meant to come out of. …

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Low-carb day 1

OK, day 1.5 into this low-carb high-fat eating plan. Started off well: Breakfast – bacon and eggs; Mid-morning snack – nuts, some fruit (I’ve decided the lines are grey around the issues of fruit. I am half Asian after all…) 🙂 Lunch – chicken salad. I FEEL GREAT! THIS IS EASY! Mid-afternoon: Major slump, dizziness …

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Is cow’s milk good for muscles?

A buddy of mine made a casual comment the other day about how ‘milk makes your muscles huge’. As a soy-milk drinker for many years (personal choice – not due to lactose intolerance, cow activism, etc… more due to the fact that as human milk is for human babies, I feel cow’s milk should be …

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Our new low-carb, high-fat way of eating

Change is afoot. My husband and I are going to start a different way of eating. Starting today. I’m not quite sure what category it falls into: paleo (not exactly), low-carb high-fat (LCHF) (sort of)… I will call it LCHF for ease of discussion. Why? Well, we’re not exactly what you’d call out of shape, …

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Are you thinking of sleep-training your kid?

Parents complain. A lot. I feel we’ve been relatively lucky with our boy BUT one thing I’m not great with is sleep deprivation. We are not exactly “pro-routine” but there have been times, at 4am, when we’ve been woken up for the 3rd time that night by snorting/ snuffling/ crying/ dry retching/ cannonballing off cot …

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We survived the meningococcal B vaccine, yay!

In my previous post about meningococcal B vaccine (Bexsero) I said I’d be giving the vaccine to our boy and would report back. Here’s my report: nothing* * Apart from a slightly angry-looking injection site. Phew.


Meningococcal B vaccine

Our boy had his 1-year vaccines not long ago and the doc mentioned he should have the vaccine for meningococcal B. Essentially she said “should have it, it’s expensive, give Panadol”. Someone obviously skived communication classes in med school.  Thanks for the detailed info. Neisseria meningitidis is a Gram-negative human nasty. Worldwide there are 13 strains …

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