The awesomeness of fruit, veg & exercise

Studies are confirming what we already know – the awesomeness of fruit, veg and exercise. Fruit & vegetables are awesome:  five daily servings of fruit (2) and vegetables (3) reduce cardiovascular mortality.  (In fact, each fruit or vegetable serving is associated with a 4% reduction in cardiovascular mortality.) Exercise is awesome:  only a minimal amount …

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Helping your baby’s development… Apparently.

I received an email (one of many) on the IMPORTANT STEPS I needed to be taking to HELP MY BABY’S DEVELOPMENT. The activities promised to be FUN and EXCITING. And obviously the writers promised to SHOUT intermittently. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about helping our boy reach his full potential. But when you see …

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Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)

OK I mentioned in my previous post that I had bilateral tennis elbow… Well it’s only getting worse. I saw an osteopath last week (my first time!) and he did some hard core massage, mobilisation and cracked my elbow (which at the time gave me such a shock I nearly punched him in the face …

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