Encouraging early literacy

There comes a magical moment when you read to your kids… when they go from trying to eat the book, to actually listening to the story. 🙂 A new evidence-based policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics discusses how parents and doctors can help children learn to read and prepare for school: Parents Reading …

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Beetroot juice

I went to down a glass of beetroot juice the other night before dinner, before husband advised “that will keep you awake all night because it has nitrates”. While you may already be aware of this, this is all news to me, mainly because I used to avoid beetroot and beetroot juice like the plague… …

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Think you’re a bad parent? Think again…

We all have those days when we doubt our mothering ability. Except me… because I’m awesome* * Or so I told my boss at work drinks soon after starting on the job (actually I think I shouted it in his face).  CLEARLY the company’s fault for forcing me to drink on an empty stomach. A …

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Study – Delaying MMR Vaccine in 2nd Year Linked to Higher Seizure Risk

Vaccinating kids… some parents/ carers do it according to national schedules, some do it late (thinking that the kid’s immune system will be ‘more mature’ when they’re older), and some don’t do it at all. I’m not going to launch into a “pro” or “anti-” vaccination argument here… I simply want to share this study, …

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Smacking children… Is it OK?

The current debate surrounding the spanking/ smacking of children is très heated.  Most of you are already likely entrenched in either the anti- or pro-smacking camp (or if not pro-smacking, maybe just anti-anti-smacking?). A lot of people have posted/ blogged re: spanking… it’s common to see comments like “a lot of literature shows that spanking …

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