Happy 9 months! Teething, fondling & cocaine

Happy 9 months to our boy!

In the blink of an eye he’s gone from an eating-pooping-crying-machine to a gorgeous almost-toddler with the (child-equivalent) strength of Conan and determination of Lance Armstrong single-balling his way to victory in Le Tour de France.

Speaking of bits, our boy has discovered his.  Every nappy change is an opportunity to grab it… And so begins a life of self-fondling…

Which reminded me of this:


I’ve fallen behind with my workouts… sigh. At the risk of sounding like a complainer, it’s mostly to do with returning to work and having a (soon to be) toddler, as well as all the other stuff that sucked up time even pre-baby. Lack of sleep is another major factor. If it’s not pestilence picked up from childcare (meant to strengthen immunity right? I’ll have to look into that…), it’s teething.

Teething… In my opinion, evolution / God (whichever you believe) should have sorted it so that one day no teeth, next day the sudden (PAINLESS) appearance of pearly whites. What kind of sick joke is this teething business? Seriously… Obviously there is a lack of effective teething remedies these days…

Teething treatment in the good ol' days...

The good ol’ days. When even high-earning adults had “toothache”


Got back into it yesterday with:

– Run home to gym 2.5km.
– Five rounds Tabata:

40kg front squats
Pull ups
Decline push ups
Toes-to-bar (EPIC FAIL. Knees to chest at most…)

– Run gym to home 2.5km.
– Crawl into a warm shower. Where I’ve been ever since 🙂

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