Two mini-workouts

First Tabata

Apart from a skipping rope the only available equipment was a set of exercise bands.

Had to fight the urge to back comb my hair and don a neon-coloured headband and matching G-string leotard.

– Good mornings
– Push ups
– Sumo high pulls
– Skipping

Second Tabata

In our building’s gym… very much a “hotel gym”

– Thrusters 7kg DB
– Crunches 3kg medicine ball
– Push ups
– Burpees

Thought my delts were going to fall off…

Fitness wise, still improving. 
Size wise, easily back into pre-pregnancy clothes.
Weight-wise, haven’t weighed myself… oops.

Have what feels like both tennis-and-golfer’s-elbows on both sides, which I suspect is less due to workouts and more due to lugging an 8-month-old around 🙂

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