Two mini-workouts

First Tabata Apart from a skipping rope the only available equipment was a set of exercise bands. Had to fight the urge to back comb my hair and don a neon-coloured headband and matching G-string leotard. – Good mornings – Push ups – Sumo high pulls – Skipping Second Tabata In our building’s gym… very …

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WOD & Parenting Magazine

Finally hit the gym proper yesterday: Tabata: Deadlifts 40kg; Crunches 3kg medicine ball; Pull ups; KB swings 15kg. During my mild DOMS recovery, I was browsing through a popular parenting magazine I was given at a recent Baby & Toddler Expo (most definitely consumerism at its ugliest!) and was amused to see the following ads plastered …

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Study – Activity Levels in Mother and Child are Directly Linked

Australia is (unfortunately) one of the fattest nations in the developed world: More than 14 million Australians are overweight or obese – based on today’s population that’s 64%! More than 5 million are grossly obese; If current trends continue, 80% of Australian adults and nearly 40% of Australian children will be overweight or obese by …

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Teething Is a normal process Occurs when an infant first cuts teeth (primary dentition) First teeth appear (on average): 6 months – 3 years old   History of Teething Teething has been around as long as teeth have (duh!) Back in the day, people associated teething with death, as many children died before age 1 …

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