WOD 7 months after Caesarean Section Delivery & Teething Query

Well, we’re past the 7 month post-delivery mark and after a few hiccoughs (moving house, being sick, any and all things associated with having a kid), we’re getting back into the swing of things.

Workout this morning:

  • 7 rounds in 14:06
  • 7 thrusters (8kg DB)
  • 7 crunches (3kg medicine ball)
  • 7 push ups
  • 7 DB swing (10kg)

The gym had a sign that said “stop immediately if you feel breathless, tired or have pain”. I had all three. Stupid sign.

Another major hiccough in the last week has been our boy teething.

Before child: “why do people always go on about teething? Seriously, it can’t be that big a deal…”

Post child:

  • 3am: awoken by crying baby. I wake up husband as well because sharing is caring 🙂
  • 4am: we have exhausted all known teething relief options – repeated feeds, cold teether, baby bonjela, baby Panadol – baby still crying
  • 5am: baby still crying – parents looking like they’ve just finished a 2-day rave (minus the relaxing lounge music)
  • 6am: baby finally asleep lying prone on Dad. Parents querying whether he is really asleep or whether we’ve somehow accidentally overdosed him
  • 8am: parents wake up late for work and madly rush about – baby sleeping soundly as if nothing has happened

So hence the reason for my next blog entry – TEETHING! Everyone has their advice that they swear by (if you have anything that really works, please post it here in “comments”)… In the meantime I’ll look at the literature…

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