One week of workouts in Melbourne

OK, I’ve finally gotten my bum-bum* into gear and am finally back to regular workouts (although 7 month old kid + returning to work + anything else life throws my way, could mean a halt to this at any time). That’s cool… I’ll roll with it…

(* Mummy-talk)

Started the week with a BodyPump® class. I haven’t done BodyPump® for over 10 years, not since I used to teach it, but I figured it was a good way to get back into the strength work.

We’ve being doing CrossFit-inspired workouts, so when the class was starting I looked around and thought “Wow, people’s weights are SO LIGHT. I can go WAY HEAVIER than them” (obviously my Type A personality has returned in full force). Did class, it was great, end of story.

Or so I thought… I started feeling very poorly the next day when I was feeding our bub, in fact, I was quite upset to realise that after 7 months plus of breastfeeding, I had finally fallen victim to a case of mastitis. They were SO SORE. But then I realised that everything was painful – sitting, standing, walking, brushing teeth. “Holy crap! I have sepsis from mastitis” I thought.

But no, it wasn’t a bad case of mastitis. It was a bad case of stupidity, sore pecs and DOMS. Except that it wasn’t delayed… so really it was a case of ‘OMS’.

Upside: I ripped enough muscle fibres to start the rebuild of a rippling lean physique.
Downside: walking like John Wayne, potential rhabdomyolysis.

In any case, I powered through and did another Pump class two days later… and loosened up my DOMS with a few runs around the infamous ‘Tan‘ (which passes by a great many monuments/ points of interest) which combined with the run to/from home, comes to about 7km. Nice. Our boy seemed very happy to be back in the stroller going for runs, as evidenced by smiling-laughing-sleeping. Which works for me.

The Shrine of Remembrance, which commemorates the lives lost in the Great War of 1914-1918.

Seen from “The Tan”: The Shrine of Remembrance, which commemorates the lives lost in the Great War.

This is an actual photo I took from The Tan – proof of blue skies in Melbourne (which I’m told is rare!).

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