WOD 7 months after Caesarean Section Delivery & Teething Query

Well, we’re past the 7 month post-delivery mark and after a few hiccoughs (moving house, being sick, any and all things associated with having a kid), we’re getting back into the swing of things. Workout this morning: 7 rounds in 14:06 7 thrusters (8kg DB) 7 crunches (3kg medicine ball) 7 push ups 7 DB …

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Recent Workout & Common Tests Paediatricians Should Avoid…

The Workout Have been quite busy with the recent return to work, but managed to squeeze in a workout the other day: 1 1/4 front squats Strict shoulder press Sumo dead lift high pull Push press Burpees Because I forgot to log this the other day and my brain is still somewhat addled (I still …

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Going Nuts For Nuts

When I was pregnant I ate a lot of nuts – daily peanut butter on crackers or bread, 1kg of pistachios in one sitting… (for some reason it didn’t seem excessive at the time). Anyway, I got a lot of “you-shouldn’t-be-eating-nuts-dangerous-for-baby-raised-eyebrow-disapproving-looks” – it seems there’s a common belief out there that you shouldn’t eat nuts …

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One week of workouts in Melbourne

OK, I’ve finally gotten my bum-bum* into gear and am finally back to regular workouts (although 7 month old kid + returning to work + anything else life throws my way, could mean a halt to this at any time). That’s cool… I’ll roll with it… (* Mummy-talk) Started the week with a BodyPump® class. …

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Study – Caregivers Often Absorbed in Mobile Devices During Meals Out with Kids

I used to multi-task with the best of them until 1. Studies started showing that multi-tasking reduces productivity; 2. We had a kid. You have a kid and you don’t multi-task? “Impossible!” I hear you exclaim. Let me clarify… I still multi-task in terms of feeding, bathing, cooking, cleaning, etc (unfortunately I don’t think it …

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Wet wipes chemical linked to dermatitis

I know it has been aaaaaages since I’ve posted… a combination of moving interstate, heatwaves, overseas travel (yay!), moving house again and, well, being a new Mum. I know, I know, excuses are like bumholes, everyone’s got one (well, except those with anal atresia!) (medical joke, tee hee)… but in any case I’m back and …

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