Recent workouts, Bon Jovi and root canal

Sorry I have been a bit lax with the posting recently… I did have a few days recently when I couldn’t walk… and that obviously directly affected my fingers.

What I’ve been up to:

Workout #1:
3 rounds in 19:27:
40 decline crunches 3kg medicine ball
30 back squats 20kg
20 push ups
10 pull ups
The main time waster was pull ups… I can only do 2 in a row. As my friend says “pull ups no chick friendly”. Indeed.

Workout #2:
Run 6km
The run felt great. Unfortunately had trouble turning in bed, walking, doing most things for a few days afterwards because of that stupid pelvic pain again. Grrr…

Workout #3:
5 rounds of:
8 thrusters 20kg
8 knees to chest
800m cycle
My legs were broken after that… in a good way.
I did try toes-to-bar but experienced epic fail. I should have videotaped it and that could have been your Christmas cheer.

Workout #4:
Nothing since, except
1. A Bon Jovi concert – screaming and jumping like a schoolgirl is hard work and quite tiring…
2. Root canal therapy – constant anticipation of pain is also hard work and quite tiring…

Studies have shown that people gain on average 2kg over the ‘festive period’ (it seems you’re not allowed to say Christmas anymore… wonder how Jesus feels about that – he’s probably like “Hey peeps, it’s my birthday yo”… (homie Jesus) and that the extra weight is rarely lost.

This is obviously a human behaviour that has evolved to necessitate the setting (and likely subsequent failure) of New Year’s resolutions… 🙂

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