Workouts 4 months+ post Caesarean section delivery

Tabata (6 rounds)
– 40kg deadlifts
– Bike
– Pull ups
– Burpees
– 12kg DB snatch
– Crunches (plank)

(If you’re thinking ‘what is Tabata training‘, check out my previous post.)

Top of 31 degrees today and 60% humidity – finally, some hot and humid weather… reminiscent of Hong Kong, without the pollution 🙂
Went for a 6km run despite DOMS and it felt fab.

Humid weather is great because it plumps up your skin and makes you look like you’re 18 again*
It also has the added benefit of frizzing up your hair so you look like an 80s rock star. Which is what every girl wants.

80s rock ha

I honestly cannot think of an appropriate caption…

* Disclaimer: slight exaggeration.

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