WOD at 3 months and 29 days post-Caesarean section delivery

Ah, approaching the 4 month mark. Everything they say is true – bub becomes a little more settled, starts babbling nonsense (but still makes more sense than the lady at Centrelink when I was sorting out my paid parental leave) and things become more fun.

Yes fun, motherhood seems to be promoted as this martyred-fall-on-your-sword-give-up-your-life-and-pelvic-floor-no-more-alcohol-only-tummy-time-shit-I-forgot-enrollment-in-elite-drastically-overpriced-school-when-he-was-an-embryo-now-too-late-argh! role, and don’t get me wrong, you do give up a lot of stuff, but it is fun.

I might add that I am posting this blog after an excellent 6km run, so obviously endorphins have taken over my mind…

I’ll add in yesterday’s workout too, which I didn’t post then because I didn’t have full function of my limbs.

5 rounds in ~25 mins:

  • 12 sumo high pulls
  • 12 push ups (feet on fitball)
  • 12 pull ups 10kg assist (I feel like a lame ass using assist again but otherwise it would have been 12 reps of everything else and 2 of pull ups, and I like to keep things tidy. OCD? Never. Hold on while I go switch the light on and off 12 times…)
  • 12 sit ups 3kg medicine ball
  • 12 knees to chest

Awesome workout. Abs killing today, which is fine because frankly it’s reassuring to know I still have some… there… hidden away… under the remaining flab.

Oh wait, I’ll do what they do in pregnancy/baby magazines and not call it ‘flab’… it’s the “BADGE OF MOTHERHOOD”. Because when you rename your fat, it makes it all OK.

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