Christmas Day Workout & Study on Infant Feeding and Maternal Mortality

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I totally forgot to post our Christmas Day workout… hubbie and I went down to the local kiddies playground and did: Tabata (5 rounds) – Jump squats – Decline push ups – Pull ups – TTB (in my case, knees to chest) A lady and her kids came down …

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Worrying Google search

I was looking something up today and started typing ‘why does…’ and Google Suggest (or Autocomplete) came up with: 1. Why does 2. Why does the earth spin 3. Why does everyone hate me Considering it’s based on actual searches, it’s very worrying to see #3. So reach out and touch someone (not inappropriately please) …

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Recent workouts, Bon Jovi and root canal

Sorry I have been a bit lax with the posting recently… I did have a few days recently when I couldn’t walk… and that obviously directly affected my fingers. What I’ve been up to: Workout #1: 3 rounds in 19:27: 40 decline crunches 3kg medicine ball 30 back squats 20kg 20 push ups 10 pull …

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Study – Predictors and Outcomes of Stuttering in Preschoolers

OK, I know our bub is only 4 months old, but it doesn’t hurt to look at studies with older children right? This post is for the parents of kids who stutter. Or for the kids who stutter and want to punch the kids that tease them. I’m not condoning violence here. I’m just saying… …

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Workouts 4 months+ post Caesarean section delivery

Yesterday: Tabata (6 rounds) – 40kg deadlifts – Bike – Pull ups – Burpees – 12kg DB snatch – Crunches (plank) (If you’re thinking ‘what is Tabata training‘, check out my previous post.) Today: Top of 31 degrees today and 60% humidity – finally, some hot and humid weather… reminiscent of Hong Kong, without the …

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Workout 4 months post-Caesarean section delivery

4 rounds: 9 back squats 40kg 9 decline push ups 9 split squats 9 pull ups 5kg assist 9 burpees Didn’t time the workout because le child had a meltdown after rounds 2 and 4. I was secretly thankful that I could use the “pushing the stroller until he fell asleep” time as an opportunity …

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WOD at 3 months and 29 days post-Caesarean section delivery

Ah, approaching the 4 month mark. Everything they say is true – bub becomes a little more settled, starts babbling nonsense (but still makes more sense than the lady at Centrelink when I was sorting out my paid parental leave) and things become more fun. Yes fun, motherhood seems to be promoted as this martyred-fall-on-your-sword-give-up-your-life-and-pelvic-floor-no-more-alcohol-only-tummy-time-shit-I-forgot-enrollment-in-elite-drastically-overpriced-school-when-he-was-an-embryo-now-too-late-argh! …

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