6km road run @ 13+5 weeks post Caesarean section

Had an amazing sleep last night: nearly a 6-hour stretch. (Amazing used to be 12-hours but it’s all relative now…)

When you’re a new mother, longer night sleeps are nature’s cruel joke… you either get short sleeps because you are woken by the baby crying, or you get long sleeps and wake to find yourself crying because what used to be your boobs have been transformed into Easter Island monoliths. So not cool…

Took bub to the clinic to measure his growth this morning (all is well) – would have been out of there sooner but all the clinic staff wanted to hold and cuddle him. Don’t get me wrong, I love our kid to bits but I still don’t get HOW MUCH people just want to hold babies… Anyway, bub loved it, flashed a few “Blue Steel” looks then we came home and went on a 6km run.

(If you didn’t know what “Blue Steel” was referring to, STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW and go watch the movie Zoolander. Don’t worry your boss won’t mind…)

As I can finally fit into my pre-pregnancy running shorts (or so I thought…) I wore them today – turns out that increased fat deposition around the abdomen I was talking about in my previous post? It’s also on my thighs so I did the whole run with what my husband calls a ‘hungry bum’ (where your shorts ride up and gather at your crotch). Apparently the indignation of pregnancy doesn’t end at childbirth…

"Hungry Bum" (disclaimer: this is not my bum)

“Hungry Bum” (disclaimer: this is not my bum)

Bub usually gets a bit grumpy towards the end of a run probably because (1) He gets hungry (2) We have an all-terrain stroller BOB so essentially he is subjected to the same G forces as Top Gun pilots as we jump pavements Parkour-style, which as you can imagine must be tiring for a baby.

This time however he slept like a baby (I saw something on Facebook that says it shouldn’t be “sleep like a baby”, it should be “sleep like a husband”) so I figured he would wake up at any time… which meant I didn’t enjoy my post-run shower because I kept thinking I heard the baby screaming… Turns out it was the sound of the water jet on the shower door handle. Sigh.

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