WOD 11+4 weeks post Caesarean section delivery

Today’s workout:

1. Elliptical cross-trainer 10 mins, hill programme

2. WOD
Five rounds for 12:50
– 5 pull ups (jumping start)
– 10 back squats 40kg
– 10 push ups
– 10 single leg deadlifts each leg, 2kg medicine ball

(Tried pull ups from hanging start and nearly ruptured my internal organs through my previous diastasis recti, which would have resulted in certain death. Hence the jumping start.)

3. Rowing
For an unspecified amount of time because I had lost function in all my fingers after my dramatic pull up attempt and couldn’t press my timer.
OK whatever… I just forgot to press the timer.

Bub was an angel at the gym. Slept the whole time.
It seems the sound of cardio machines and the clanking of weights is like a sweet lullaby to him. What an awesome kid 🙂

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