Oh the pain… unfit or something else?

After the great road run yesterday I was in a world of hurt last night. Everywhere hurt, but especially the lower aspect of my pelvis and (strangely) my feet (in the bones, not the soles or arches). I’m not exaggerating when I say I could barely walk.

Weird… I didn’t run that hard. What was going on?

We know that relaxin (that fabulous hormone that loosens all of our soft tissues in preparation for delivery) is high during pregnancy, but it’s almost 3 months since delivery, surely that can’t be the reason?

Well, turns out that relaxin stays in our systems for up to 5 months post-delivery and longer if you’re breastfeeding (in fact it doesn’t start to disappear until you wean your baby)… Oooohhh…

That means you ladies out there need to take similar precautions POST-pregnancy as you did DURING pregnancy to protect your soft tissues from injury.

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