WODs ~9 weeks post C-section delivery

I forgot to document my last couple of workouts, so here they are:

WOD 4/10/2013

A. For time (2 min cap):
250m row
20 deadlifts 40kg
– Only got to 17 deadlifts by 2 mins, finished 2:10

B. For time (3 min cap):
400m row
30 thrusters 15kg
– Only got to 16 thrusters at 3 mins, finished 3:34

C. For time (3 min cap)
400m row
30 burpees
– Got to 16 burpees at 3 mins, finished 4:04

WOD 6/10/2013

30 – 20 – 10
Front squat 20kg
DB snatch 10kg
Knees to elbows

WOD 7/10/2013

10 dips
10 pull ups (single leg assist)
10 decline push ups
150m sprint

5 rounds ~15 mins something

WOD 10/10/2013

10 back squats 50kg
10 knees to chest
500m cycle
10 push ups
10 pull ups (1 leg support)

4 rounds 11:52

Initially planned for 5 rounds… Our little boy usually has a little cry before falling asleep and he was doing just this before round 5… But I got so annoyed at people repeatedly telling me ‘your baby is crying’ that I scrapped round 5 and went home.

Seriously, needing to tell a mother (who is within earshot) that her baby is crying is the same as needing to tell someone with a javelin through the face that something is sticking out of their head… ie. totally unnecessary.

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