Article “Effect of Chocolate on Cognition & Mood”

Now THIS is the type of research we need to see more of…

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Scholey and colleagues performed a systematic review to evaluate whether chocolate or its constituents were capable of influencing cognitive function and/or mood.

They found evidence that chocolate was associated with an improvement in both mood and cognition, however it’s unclear whether these effects are due to the orosensory characteristics of chocolate or to the pharmacological actions of chocolate constituents.

(Plain English: chocolate can make you happier and smarter – this may be due to chocolate’s ingredients, or simply because chocolate tastes good).

They concluded that further research into the effects of chocolate should be done…


Scholey, A. and Owen, L. (2013), Effects of chocolate on cognitive function and mood: a systematic review. Nutrition Reviews. doi: 10.1111/nure.12065

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