Adult diapers…

In my previous post about “Pelvic Floor Exercises & Incontinence” I made mention of adult diapers.

Who knew there was a whole world of adult diapers out there.

Users fall into one of the following categories:

  • Medical: eg. incontinence, mobility-impaired, dementia, severe diarrhoea;
  • Astronauts: they don’t wear nappies, but instead “Maximum Absorbancy Garments” (essentially¬†nappies), one of the less glamorous features of the role, and one they don’t mention in Apollo 13 when Tom Hanks is changing the orbit of the space shuttle with the cunning use of a device fashioned out of an¬†old chewing gum wrapper and discarded toenail clippings;
  • Fetishism and infantilism.

Following are some of the more awesome adult diaper marketing campaigns:


I guess when you're incontinent, adult diapers ARE your friends...

Pretty depressing if these are your friends…


Joy Links?! As in, it's joy when your pee 'links' with the nappy?

JOY when your pee LINKS with the nappy, and therefore doesn’t wet your pants.


Phew! These nappies are especially for humans.  Not farm animals.

For human care, as opposed to… farm animals?


"Hush"... you have a nappy now so stop complaining your pants are wet.

“Hush”… you have a nappy now so stop complaining that your pants are wet.



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