The effect of breastfeeding on weight loss & fat (re)distribution

Following on from my previous lament, I mean post, about increased abdominal fat at 3-months after Caesarean section delivery… it turns out that there may be another reason why we hang onto that extra bit of fat post-delivery… breastfeeding. Now before you grab your white hoods and come around to pitchfork me to death, I’ll …

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6km road run @ 13+5 weeks post Caesarean section

Had an amazing sleep last night: nearly a 6-hour stretch. (Amazing used to be 12-hours but it’s all relative now…) When you’re a new mother, longer night sleeps are nature’s cruel joke… you either get short sleeps because you are woken by the baby crying, or you get long sleeps and wake to find yourself …

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WOD 13+4 days post Caesarean section delivery

We emerged this morning after a rough couple of days. Poor quality sleep, frequent awakenings, suboptimal feeding and rapid cycling laughing-crying. And that was just me. Slept a bit better last night so hightailed it down to the gym: 10 mins hill programme elliptical cross-trainer 5 rounds in 13:40 – 10 front squat 30kg – 10 push ups …

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Relaxed parenting?

I’m all for relaxed parenting… then someone shows me this: On the upside, I guess that baby is going to have a SUPER strong immune system. If she’s not trampled on first… Or dies from a slurpee to the head…


WOD 11+4 weeks post Caesarean section delivery

Today’s workout: 1. Elliptical cross-trainer 10 mins, hill programme 2. WOD Five rounds for 12:50 – 5 pull ups (jumping start) – 10 back squats 40kg – 10 push ups – 10 single leg deadlifts each leg, 2kg medicine ball (Tried pull ups from hanging start and nearly ruptured my internal organs through my previous …

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WOD 11+2 weeks post Caesarean section delivery

5 rounds – 10 thrusters 20kg – 10 burpees – 5 pull ups 1 leg assist For 11:47 In hindsight, pretty stupid doing thrusters then burpees. Or anything with burpees in fact! Strange… burpees didn’t seem so hard when I was a kid… Sigh.


Oh the pain… unfit or something else?

After the great road run yesterday I was in a world of hurt last night. Everywhere hurt, but especially the lower aspect of my pelvis and (strangely) my feet (in the bones, not the soles or arches). I’m not exaggerating when I say I could barely walk. Weird… I didn’t run that hard. What was …

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9km road run

My upper body was soooo sore after my last workout there was no way I could hit the gym. I couldn’t even straighten my arms fully… totally awesome! Went instead for a road run WITHOUT BABY! It felt totally weird to be running without a stroller. While I missed him the second I was out the …

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Does exclusive breast-feeding prevent eczema?

Does exclusive breast-feeding prevent atopic dermatitis (eczema)? The researchers in this study looked at >600 exclusively breast-fed 3-month-old infants for atopic dermatitis, screened for common genetic mutations predisposing to allergies, and also performed skin-prick testing for allergy to six foods (cow’s milk, egg, cod fish, wheat, sesame, and peanut). They found that exclusive breast-feeding did not prevent …

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WOD 11+ weeks post C-section delivery

Hit the gym today: AMRAP 20 mins 5 pull ups (jumping start) 10 push ups 15 back squats 40kg 11 rounds Combing hair and doing eyeliner post workout was laughable… My arms are so broken…