WOD 8+2 weeks post C-section delivery

Ok, today I tried the same WOD my hubbie did this morning… (Did I mention before he goes to a grown up CrossFit gym now, leaving me to workout alone)… Cue crocodile tears of self-pity 🙁 Back squats 10-8-6-4 reps (Max weight 50kg) (For those of you laughing at my squat weight, in my defence …

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Musings of a New Mother @ 8 Weeks

1. How is it that the baby’s butt is only a short distance from the nappy and yet bowel openings result in payload deposited over a very wide area (back, crack, sack, and on bad days, beyond the confines of the nappy)? Either the poo is ejected at an extreme angle OR at an extreme …

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WOD 8 weeks post C-section delivery

On a running clock, complete the following: @0:00, Bike 1.8km, rest to 6.00 @6.00, 3min AMRAP jump knee tucks, rest to 10.00 (*80) @10.00, 90s AMRAP of burpees, rest to 14.00 (*16) @14.00, Run 200m hill then 400m flat, rest to 20.00 @20.00, 5 Rounds of 12 KB Swings and 10 Box Jump Overs, rest …

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WOD 7+ weeks post C-section delivery

5 rounds for time ~20 mins (My phone and therefore my timer crapped its pants just before I finished) 🙁 5 back squats 40kg 5 push ups feet on Fitball 5 pull ups (this is where I spent most if my time – trying to do them unassisted… I think I managed around 8 in total …

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WOD 7 weeks post C-section delivery

For time 6:48: 500m cycle 15 burpees 25 KB swings 15 burpees 500m cycle 5 rounds for 25:48: 15KB sumo deadlift high-pull 10 box jumps 300m run Rest 1:1


WOD-inspired gym workout 6+ weeks post C-section

5 rounds for 16:22 9 deadlifts 35kg 9 push ups 5 chin ups 5kg assist 500m cycle 5kg away from ‘proper’ chins 🙂


Back pain…

I was all gung ho for a gym workout today but unfortunately have back pain. Back pain not from lifting weights, running miles but from… bending over to change nappies. Sigh 🙁 I guess I’ll have to follow my own advice – check out my previous post re: back pain as well as the evidence-based …

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Guidelines for resumption of exercise post-delivery

If you ask your doctor when you can resume exercise after delivery, the answer is invariably ‘after your 6-week check up’. I was in the gym one week post C-section delivery taking it reeeaaaal easy. Apart from feeling quite tired and very unfit, I was very fortunate that the only discomfort I had was (1) …

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5km run 6 weeks after C-section

5km run this morning with bub in stroller – très agréable. Must say BOB was an awesome purchase, taking pavement irregularities and small steps in his stride. Only danger seems to be a chance of tipping over if you take corners at 100 Gs. I’ve discovered:  screaming baby + ssh-ing and rocking = possessed screaming …

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Tabata-inspired training

My husband has introduced me to Tabata training. I’d never heard of it before but from the sounds of it, it sounded quite uncomplicated and easy. Squats for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds rest? Too easy! OK I’ve had to eat my words like a pregnant woman eats a buffet. I’ll let you look …

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