Workout 3 weeks after C-section delivery

Light workout today (3w+6d post delivery by C-section): 10 mins elliptical cross-trainer (hill programme) 10 mins bike (resistance 13) 5 x 400m hill sprints (pushing stroller) (= nearly died) 5 x 10 push ups This was the first workout since I was pregnant where I haven’t had some nagging complaint (eg. bladder, hip flexors, pelvic …

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Midwife (vs. other) care for childbearing women

Choosing a care provider for pregnancy and delivery is a highly individual and personal process, however I’d like to share this interesting study that may contribute to your decision-making process. It’s a Cochrane review (essentially the highest level of evidence) looking at differences between and outcomes of midwife vs. other care for childbearing women and …

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Gym workout (& selfie!) 3 weeks post C-section delivery

My first ‘proper’ (-ish) workout post delivery. 5 rounds for 20:45 – 10 push ups – 10 deep squat w/ 3kg medicine ball press – 20 bench dips – 150m hill sprint Started off taking it easy, slightly fearful that my abdomen was going to rip open. Or that I was going to have a …

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Exercising whilst breastfeeding

OK, I don’t mean actually exercise while you are breastfeeding… that would bounce the baby right off the boob. I’m following on from the last post looking at ‘whether exercise affects breast milk?’. Let’s see what the peeps say… 1. Australian Breastfeeding Association Mild-moderate intensity exercise does not cause lactic acid increase in breast milk; …

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Query – does exercise affect breastmilk?

I read this today (won’t name the source): “Does exercise affect breastmilk? It is thought that some physical exercise such as jogging or running should be avoided when breastfeeding as lactic acid builds up in the milk and affects the taste. Light physical activities such as walking will make you feel better and will not …

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4km walk today (17 days post delivery)

Had to get moving today… otherwise I was going to go INSANE! Here is my gentle 4km walk. I would have laughed at this in the past, but it was hard work, lots of hills… My body felt broken 🙁 Going uphill was hard work (so unfit!) but going downhill was waaaay more uncomfortable around the …

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Massage to reduce labour pain

I know labour has come and gone but I had a few things I hadn’t gotten around to posting before delivery, so forgive me if I backtrack a bit… Whilst preparing for labour, I was interested to see if there were any ‘natural’ remedies that could reduce labour pain as I was keen not to …

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Our baby has arrived!

Firstly, apologies for the radio silence for two weeks… I’m sure you’ve guessed the reason… the boy has put in an appearance! Interesting times really – here’s what happened: Went for acupuncture on Thursday 1st Aug. The acupuncturist was very experienced and I felt I was in capable hands (which is good when someone is sticking …

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