Fabulous road run at 39 weeks

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Sydney yesterday… perfect for a road run!

Dearest hub maintains he must accompany me on runs (which if you remember is ‘not even like running’ because ‘I’m so slow’…) and has a new name for me when I run… Fat Albert.

Anyway, the run was great! Had the occasional bits of pelvic pain, hip pain but as baby has ‘engaged’ I guess he’s dropped a little, which has given me a little bit of lung back… yay!

Whenever I hear about ‘engaged’, I think of that line in Top Gun when ‘Maverick’s re-engaging Sir…’.

Here is my Endomondo screen (7km in 58 mins, including photo ops & loo breaks):


Here is a pic (I know, finally!) of me jogging (the boy is smart and generally assumes a ‘tuck’ position during runs – must be more comfortable for him, and DEFINITELY more comfortable for my bladder):


(Tell me the truth… do the horizontal stripes make my gut look fat? Hahaha…!)

Here’s who I’m currently basing my running style on at the moment (except you will notice Fat Albert has a strong heel strike; I’m still sticking with the barefoot running style)…


Anyway, the run was yesterday and I’m only just now coming out of the world of hurt I was in – major pain in the pelvis, hips, thighs – sometimes I feel as if my body is held together with sticky tape…

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  1. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and have been running barefoot since last October. I made the decision to continue with barefoot running while pregnant because I felt like it was best for me. You are definitely an inspiration as I am not sure if I will still be running at 40 weeks!! I had planned to start a blog this week to chronicle my journey and wanted to know if you would mind me providing a link to your blog? You have great medical advise and expertise on here so I would love to refer people to you for that side of barefoot running. Thanks and good luck with the upcoming birth of your new little one!!

    • Hi jayandjess – thanks for the feedback and great to hear you’re continuing with your running whilst pregnant. Don’t worry about whether or not you’ll be running at 40 weeks, your body will let you know what’s right 🙂
      Please feel free to link to doctornat.wordpress.com and please also keep me updated on your blog as well. All the best with the remainder of your pregnancy!

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