WOD 16/7/2013 at 39 weeks pregnancy

AMRAP 20 mins:
– 9 back squat 40kg
– 9 decline push ups
– 9 pull ups 19kg assist
For time 20 mins

Put my weight up for squats. I know. What was I thinking. Seemed smart at the time…

Same assist for pullĀ ups. Seems boring I know, but as I’ve put on (ahem) 15kg, I should be able to do one-armed pull ups once the bub’s out. That’s the theory anyway.

Decline push ups… Getting harder. Combination of
1. Trying to hold a strong plank position. Abs ha! But a distant memory…
2. Trying not to feel like the baby bump swings up and strangles me. Sort of like alien hand syndrome, but with a baby bump
3. The usual losing battle with reflux etc. Can’t really complain, I’ve been lucky on that front. But decline position not so great for ye old oesophageal sphincter…

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