Recent workouts

Had two fab workouts already this week:

21-15-9 rep rounds of:
– Left arm dumbell snatch
– Right arm dumbell snatch
– 10 Pull ups 19kg assist
For time 12:46

AMRAP 20 mins:
– 10 Decline push ups on medicine ball
– 10 Back squat 35kg
– 1km cycle
4+ rounds

My first time doing dumbell snatches… Heaps of fun!
Legs and bum already hurting from the squats…

If I still have motor control of my legs tomorrow I’m planning for a road run tomorrow morn.

Dear sweet husband refuses to let me road run in the dark anymore… He says “Bob’s wife at work fell getting out of the shower so anything can happen and I want to be there in case it does”.

I told him he was very sweet going running with me because I’m pregnant.

He said “you’re so slow it’s not really running, more like just jumping up and down”.

Way to boost my confidence. Sigh.

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