Road run at (nearly) 37 weeks

Not long to go!

We’re at 36+4 weeks today… am recovering from a head cold so have had two days without exercise. Starting to feel very lethargic today even though the cold has (mostly) improved.

Started out on a ‘brisk walk’ which turned into a run (OK, I use the term ‘run’ loosely… more of a really slow jog/ plod**)… but surely I get points for even getting out of bed at 37 weeks?!

They give awards for almost everything these days – we should have an award for pregnant women who still manage to get out of bed, let alone exercise… with bonus points for extra stuff, like putting on eyeliner.

Again, I digress – here are my Endomondo screens:


Just realised something – I forgot to change my settings from ‘Walking’ to ‘Running’ so my split of 06:53 has a fast little hare next to it (as opposed to the tortoises that would have been ever present if I had been in ‘Running’ mode). Note to self: use inaccurate settings to make yourself feel faster than you actually are. Seriously, I’ll take what I can get…

The run felt fine – aside from a bit of pressure on the bladder at the start (‘a bit’ = intense), some left forefoot pain at the 30 minute mark (by the time I started wondering if my foot ligaments were about to rupture, the pain had gone away) and the usual discomfort in the hip flexors.

Our doc has recommended one final ultrasound this afternoon to check the size of bub.  Apparently he’s a little on the large size (well, hubbie is 6 ft 3″)…  sometimes I wonder if the doc is more concerned than we are about the size of the baby.  I hope his fingers aren’t itching for an elective C-section…

** From Urban Dictionary: “strogging” or a “strog” is a slow jog. There you have it.

NB: scan showed bub to be 72nd centile for gestation. Good-o!

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