Two recent gym workouts…

Forgot to post after my last gym workout… Well, forgot to post and couldn’t move my arms.

Last Sunday:
5 rounds:
– 10 Deadlifts 40kg
– 10 Chin ups (20+something-kg assist)
– 800m Cycle
– 10 Dips (20+something-kg assist)
The dips were hilarious…¬†actually even pre-pregnancy I’ve never really done dips. They hurt. In a good way. Sometimes they make you want to cry too. They’re funny like that.

This morning:
Reps 21 – 15 – 9:
– Lunges (each leg) 35kg
– Push press (a measly) 12kg (my shoulders, while large, are deceptively weak)
– Toes-to-bar… HAHA just joking, as if! Running in plank position instead
… for a time of 10:49

Overall feeling pretty good. Comfort levels during the workout are dependent on what position The Boy is in… When he does his most advanced move of “Riverdance-on-my-bladder¬†combined with Streetfighter-to-my-lungs” (a difficulty of 10 on the foetal olympics rating scale)… not so comfortable. But he seems to tuck into a nice position once the workout is underway.

I was feeling so gung ho after workouts that I very nearly signed up for a 10km race which will be held one week before delivery date.

‘What can go wrong?’ I thought. (Actually I was thinking if I went into labour, The Boy would already be term). Then I re-checked the race website and realised that I might not actually make the race cutoff speed, as it’s a very ‘flat and fast course’ (well, it would be for everyone else), which means I’d be carted off in the ‘slow persons bus’.

So I decided not to sign up… and in the process have saved $50 and my pride.

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