Road run & round ligament pain

I recovered nicely from my pinged back (from deadlifts) and felt inspired to go road running today. When I say road running, I always think of Road Runner…

Beep Beep

Beep Beep

Started running and took AGES to feel properly warmed up, and not just from the cool weather I suspect. Maybe it was more due to the ‘general womanliness’ that comes with being 34 weeks pregnant. See how I use positive phrasing like ‘general womanliness’ rather than ‘added weight that makes you feel (and run) like a heifer’, which would be less positive, and sadly true…

Once I was warmed up, started getting some short sharp pains in my lower abdomen / groin area. Ah, finally the famed ’round ligament pain’ has arrived… will have to look into that and see if there’s anything that can help with the pain whilst running.

Run 2013.06.14a

AboveĀ is my Endomondo screenshot… embarrassingly slow, but please take into account (1) Several loo breaks (2) Photo ops (3) A couple of calls about car repairs and (4) Honestly I didn’t feel like busting a gut today.

Here is a photo from the Harbour Bridge – as you can see, the day really doesn’t get any better than this, just gorgeous:


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