WOD 12/6/2013

Today did 5 rounds for a time of 27:54

  • 21 deadlifts 35kg
  • 800m cycle
  • 10 pull ups 20kg assist
  • 10 push ups

Actually, the pull ups and push ups are meant to be burpee pull ups, but I can’t do them at the moment for obvious reasons… I can’t wait to try them after delivery (along with toes to bar… my abs hurt just THINKING about it).

All was well until round 2 when I pinged my back during deadlifts, literally felt like a rubber band snapping in my lower back. Sigh.

So today I have the pregnant waddle – ironically from the back pain, not from the pregnancy itself…

Self-management: avoid bed rest, apply heat, Panadol as needed. Check out my previous post about ‘back pain’.

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