Stroller & baby carrier purchase

On the weekend I decided we’d procrastinated long enough and finally purchased a stroller and baby carrier.

Our requirements for the stroller were that it was tough, all-terrain, easy (enough) to fold, would fit easily into our car boot, and looked super fast (well, that was my requirement… I figure if I have a speedy looking stroller then it doesn’t matter if I’m plodding along dragging my ass on my post-natal run… it will make me look like Usain Bolt – except much shorter and much less Jamaican mun). I don’t care if you think this is necessary or I’m delusional… I can blame ‘the hormones’…

Anyway, we settled on the BOB Revolution SE. I know everyone’s got feedback on everything but we picked this one because it meets above criteria – we had a few goes of the other strollers in the store and they didn’t really do it for us – you know it’s a bad sign when your 6 ft 3″ husband is wrestling with a lime green stroller muttering as other parents with their young children walk past and look on disapprovingly. Whateverrrrr…

Handsome BOB

Handsome BOB

So the stroller is yet to arrive, but I’ve already read the instruction manual online (slightly obsessive compulsive, I know. I’m writing a plan on how to give that side of my personality up once the baby arrives. When I mention the word ‘plan’ to other parents, they laugh hysterically then pat me sympathetically on the shoulder). I’ve gathered that having plans and having kids don’t go together.

I won’t go into too much detail, but I love how there are warnings in the handbook to ‘remove the child before folding the stroller’. Really?! Do people need to be told this? I guess it’s the same as when there are warnings on canned food to ‘remove the lid before cooking’, or on the bag of mixed nuts in my pantry that says ‘may contain nuts’. I certainly hope so… otherwise what the hell have I bought? One would think that if someone with a nut allergy ingests A BAG OF MIXED NUTS, that’s a prime example of natural selection.

Anyway, can’t wait for stroller to arrive to test it out.

Apart from stroller we also bought a baby carrier – again, the variety of choice is insane, and you start to wonder why babies can’t just hold onto you like little monkeys or something, thereby negating the need for said baby carrier… they do have a grasp reflex after all…

We ended up with an Ergobaby¬†performance carrier. It promises to carry baby safely (including from newborn) and has all these amazing features like padding, quick dry, ergonomic styling that will enable you to keep baby with you on your ‘active lifestyle’. I’m sure in the fine print it says it does the washing and cooks the dinner too, definitely a deciding factor for me. We’ve tested it with ‘dummy baby’ (rolled up yoga towel) and so far so good. I’m not sure about this claim that you can breast feed on the go however, I don’t know about other chicks, but my breasts are, well, where breasts should be, not on my neck/ chin/ ear, etc.

Ergobaby Performance Carrier

Ergobaby Performance Carrier

Again – the instruction manual for the baby carrier advises you to ‘practice with the carrier and the baby over a soft surface until you are confident’. Again, I am gobsmacked that people may think to try out their baby carrier with precious cargo, say, hanging off a balcony with a 10 storey drop, or perhaps leaning out of a moving vehicle.

If you need to be told not to fold your baby in a stroller, or to protect your baby from severe injury and potential death from dropping them from height onto a hard surface, it begs the question as to whether or not you should be allowed to have a baby at all. Get a cat instead… they are fairly robust.

Our boy, Bugsie

Our boy, Bugsie

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