Two recent gym workouts…

Forgot to post after my last gym workout… Well, forgot to post and couldn’t move my arms. Last Sunday: 5 rounds: – 10 Deadlifts 40kg – 10 Chin ups (20+something-kg assist) – 800m Cycle – 10 Dips (20+something-kg assist) The dips were hilarious… actually even pre-pregnancy I’ve never really done dips. They hurt. In a good …

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Round Ligament Pain (RLP)

The round ligaments surround your uterus in your pelvis – they are also known as ligamentum teres uteri. Gotta love the Latin. Below is another picture showing the location of the round ligament, and its relationship to surrounding structures. WARNING, it is an actual photo of a pathology sample, so if you’re grossed out by …

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Road run & round ligament pain

I recovered nicely from my pinged back (from deadlifts) and felt inspired to go road running today. When I say road running, I always think of Road Runner… Started running and took AGES to feel properly warmed up, and not just from the cool weather I suspect. Maybe it was more due to the ‘general …

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WOD 12/6/2013

Today did 5 rounds for a time of 27:54 21 deadlifts 35kg 800m cycle 10 pull ups 20kg assist 10 push ups Actually, the pull ups and push ups are meant to be burpee pull ups, but I can’t do them at the moment for obvious reasons… I can’t wait to try them after delivery (along …

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Stroller & baby carrier purchase

On the weekend I decided we’d procrastinated long enough and finally purchased a stroller and baby carrier. Our requirements for the stroller were that it was tough, all-terrain, easy (enough) to fold, would fit easily into our car boot, and looked super fast (well, that was my requirement… I figure if I have a speedy …

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