Big dinner with family + 12 hours sleep + baby not doing Riverdance on my guts = feeling faaabulous daaahling

Workout time!!

Today did 4 rounds of:

9 squat 35kg
9 deadlifts 35kg
9 decline push ups
9 chins 19kg assist
600m bike

For 22:50

I calculate that if I can maintain current assist with chins, that after sprog drops, I’ll only be 5kg off full body weight chins… yipee!

Also with all the ‘9s’ in my workout (the number 9 is very lucky in Chinese culture) I am now overflowing with general good luckiness…  >_<^

Everything felt strong, feeling fine and not totally broken. Which makes me wonder if I should have gone harder/ heavier? That being said last time I really pushed it I got dizzy and nearly fell off the machine. So maybe I did OK today…

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