Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) query

Well I’m nearly 28 weeks and had my gestational diabetes (GDM) test today.

I called up the lab pre-testing to confirm whether I needed to fast (not eat for 8 hours) before the test. The thought of not eating for so long was seriously stressing me out… sad but true. Even pre-pregnancy it’s a well-known fact that I have a large appetite and get very grumpy when I’m hungry. The lab confirmed that I needed to FAMN (fast after midnight) from the night before…

So I dragged my sorry self to the lab bright and early this morning for the test… this is how it went:

Me “Hello there, I’m Natalie and am booked in for GDM testing at 8am.”
Lab chick (not looking up from her mobile) “Have you fasted?”

Me “Yes, as advised by your…”
Lab chick (cutting me off) “You are wrong!”

Me (slightly confused / or getting weak from hypoglycaemia) “Pardon? Do you meant I don’t have to…”
Lab chick (angrily) “Go eat toast and come back!”

Me (even more confused) “Sorry I just want to confirm, so this testing doesn’t require fa…”
Lab chick (finally looking up from her mobile) “You are wrong, go eat toast!!”

Me (rapidly losing my limited zen) “OK then, I’ll go eat some toast and…”
Lab chick (yells) “You are wrong, go eat toast”

Me (immediately morphs into a fire-breathing dragon and leans over the counter, and practically screams in her face) “NO YOU ARE WRONG! I WAS TOLD TO FAST FOR THIS TEST BY YOUR COLLEAGUE. YOU ARE WROOOOOONG!!!!”

I vaguely feel everyone’s eyes upon me.

Lab chick (barely daring to meet my eyes, whispers) “Please go eat toast…”

Over my slice of toast (accompanied by return of sanity) I started thinking about GDM testing guidelines…

I also started thinking about whether someone arguing with a hungry pregnant woman constitutes bravery or stupidity.

Stupidity. Definitely.

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