Cycling in pregnancy (& in labour!)

My dear cousin in Melbourne is 22 weeks pregnant and is still cycling to and from work daily.  She’s been having a bit of round ligament pain, so she got online to see if there were any bike mods that would make her more comfortable, and came across this website: Fantastic! And a real middle-finger to all …

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So I was reading through some of the ‘baby email alerts’ I now get, looking for inspiration, and I find this… “Be a whiz with the housework”. Ho-lee crap. Seriously, I was just teleported back into a Mad Men episode, the only thing missing is someone telling me: Go get your smoke on and down …

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Big dinner with family + 12 hours sleep + baby not doing Riverdance on my guts = feeling faaabulous daaahling Workout time!! Today did 4 rounds of: 9 squat 35kg 9 deadlifts 35kg 9 decline push ups 9 chins 19kg assist 600m bike For 22:50 I calculate that if I can maintain current assist with chins, that …

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8km road run & carrot cake

Was thinking I’ve been doing too many WODs lately (calm calm die-hard CrossFitters, there ARE other forms of physical activity) and thought I’d go for a run yesterday… Road run – usual route – 8km distance – easy peasy right? NO IT WAS NOT. Something drastic has happened to my body since my last run, and no, …

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A hot topic lately has been vaccinations – during pregnancy, for kids, etc. Let me preface this entry by saying that its purpose is to neither encourage nor discourage you or your family from being vaccinated – it’s only to discuss some of the issues surrounding this topic. The influenza vaccination is recommended for most …

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No GDM for me – all clear!

My OGTT came back negative, phew! Don’t worry, I know, I know… that doesn’t give me license to gorge myself on sugary snacks. Sometimes it’s not my fault… I’ve discovered that pregnancy hormones give you a special ability to hear when food is actually talking to you.


Gestational diabetes (GDM) guidelines

Gestational DM (GDM) is a type of diabetes (carbohydrate intolerance) with onset or first recognition during pregnancy. It affects approximately 7% of all pregnancies. Universal screening is recommended (ie. all pregnant women should be screened for it). It is screened/ tested for with an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). Some risk factors for GDM include: …

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Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) query

Well I’m nearly 28 weeks and had my gestational diabetes (GDM) test today. I called up the lab pre-testing to confirm whether I needed to fast (not eat for 8 hours) before the test. The thought of not eating for so long was seriously stressing me out… sad but true. Even pre-pregnancy it’s a well-known …

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