Big weekend of workouts

Well, I finally have enough strength to post an entry about exercise shenanigans over the weekend…

Saturday – hard core rain all day. Good day for cross-fit…

5 rounds of…

  • 20 squats 30kg
  • 800m cycle
  • 10 chins 26kg assist
  • 10 decline push ups

… in a time of 32 mins 17 secs (approximately)

Workout felt good, except lacked power on the chins, mainly because I can’t valsalva and brace my core. Or maybe because I just have weak-ass girl arms…

Sunday – skies cleared, just in time for a 6km trail run at Bobbin Head

  • Dragged my poor DOMS body out of bed to leave home at 06:15
  • Ate breakfast before I left, but of course was hungry by the time we arrived at the venue
  • In a moment of stupidity downed a massive slice of buttery toasted banana bread just before the race (but it was sooooo goooood)

Race started at 08:00, and here’s how it went

  • First 2km: on the website it states “runners leave the serenity of the picnic grounds and head up the Birrawanna Trail which starts as a flight of bush steps and then becomes a bush trail winding its way along the ridge”. It’s lies… all lies. The picnic grounds were serene, but if that was a ‘flight’ of stairs, then I’m a Victoria’s Secret underwear model. It went on forever and I was dragging my lame ass up the hill at an embarrassingly slow speed;
  • Second 2km: legs recovered, developed a stitch (which is entirely the fault of the banana bread that played a Jedi mind trick on me and forced me to eat it pre-race);
  • Final 2km: awesome, felt fabulous, and when we finished felt like I could go again (minus the first hill).

Finished in 40 mins – not fab, not shabby. 7th in my ‘category’ (and as my running buddy said, finished 1st in the ‘obviously pregnant’ category). Thanks JS for making me feel better…

Went home and spent the rest of the day timing my activities so I didn’t have to get up much… ie. Can I combine the clothes washing / toilet break / snack all together so I can spend the next 40 mins on the sofa? Went to sleep at 20:00 and slept through until 06:00, woken only once when my cat was playing piñata with my face.

All in all, a pretty good weekend 🙂

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