Gym workout (WOD) 13/4/2013

20 mins AMRAP:
– 9 Thrusters 30kg
– 6 Pull ups 19kg assist
– 600m cycle

Workout was awesome. Unfortunately I suffered a major attack of baby brain and can’t remember how many rounds I did… duh.

We recently watched some cross-fit games on YouTube – so I used that as motivation and imagined I was in the lead in my own (lame pregnant version of) cross-fit.

Most excitingly (not even a real word I think), I dropped my assist weight for pull ups to 19kg.

Also, in a moment of clarity shining through my baby brain, I realised that I’m gaining weight with the pregnancy, therefore if I maintain the same assist weight then my pull up strength will be improving.

Have to go nurse my arms and shoulders now – poor babies…

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