Carpal tunnel syndrome query

I read this week on a certain website that my fingers, wrists and hands may be feeling ‘achy and numb’ due to swelling of the carpal tunnel in the wrist (actually I’ve been fortunate I haven’t had these symptoms yet).

According to said website, the following things will help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

  • Wearing a wrist brace;
  • Taking vitamin B6;
  • Wearing a properly supportive bra so that the weight of your (supposedly massive) breasts are taken off your ribcage and breastbone and help to prevent compression or irritation of the nerve anywhere along its path.

Other ‘remedies’:

  • Chamomile tea;
  • Placing cooled cabbage leaves on your wrists (a really good look for work);
  • Wrist exercises;
  • Aromatherapy (eg. cypress, lemon);
  • Acupressure;
  • Massage.

Are these ‘remedies’ evidence-based?

Let’s have a look at┬ácarpal tunnel syndrome…

NB: from the time of writing this post until now (34 weeks pregnant), I am now experiencing a bit of CTS on the left side, usually after nerve compression at the gym – eg. resting the bar on extended wrists, doing push ups. Nothing major, and it goes away straight after the workout so no biggie…

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