My abs don’t look normal…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, honestly it’s taken me this long to recover from 3D Top Gun

You’re probably laughing and going ‘duh, of course your abs don’t look normal – you’re 6 months pregnant’… Before you wonder whether I got my medical degree off the side of a cornflake packet, I do remember that something happens to your abs when you are pregnant, I can’t remember the exact technicalities though… so I thought I’d combine this little bit of research with Sueann’s question from last week (thank you Suey for the question):

“Another question about exercising during pregnancy. I have been told to avoid ab workouts during pregnancy as it will “split my abs” *gasps* (well I don’t have washboard abs, it’s more like flabs). What is the rationale behind this? I’m trying to plan when I should stop doing isolated ab workouts such as crunches or leg raises or pilates. Obviously when I can’t see my toes over my stomach or if my stomach is big enough to cause supine hypotension I will stop but just interested to know the rationale.”

OK, a bit of clarification before we get into this:
1. When I say my abs look abnormal, I mean that when I was at the gym this morning – I noticed that when I was doing push ups (and engaging my core) that my belly didn’t look rounded, it looked, well, triangular. Definitely a WTF moment…
2. For those of you who don’t know Sueann, there is no flab on her, she is just being coy 🙂

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